Give Us a Test Drive!

Villas Marinas is the place for you, rent one of our beautiful homes
and live here for a week or two!

We know that doing  a “test drive” of a property is the best way to see if you like the country, the project as a whole, and the villas.  Instead of visiting the Dominican and staying in a hotel, why not  live like on of our Villas Marinas owners?  Our helpful sales associates will assist you with booking through our rental program, and will ensure you do all the things our other owners do, like go for groceries, to the beaches, shop, and meet other Villas Marinas owners just like you.  This overview will give you  a realistic view of the Villas Marinas lifestyle, and the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Ask us about coming for a visit, we look forward to hosting you! At the very least, you will have an excellent vacation in the sun!

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