Bernie Tietz
Bernie TietzSales Manager
Bernie has spent over 20-years in the Dominican Republic as a property developer and consultant. He knows the island, its laws, customs, and community. He is onsite to help you find the perfect villa and to offer his indispensable knowledge and experience. He’s also just a really great guy :)

Experience Counts.

Our company, Media Luna, has been building and developing residential and commercial properties in the Dominican Republic since 1995. We create premium projects and have worked to earn an outstanding reputation for quality and design. We build with only the highest standards of materials; work only with experienced, professional trades, and understand the ins and outs of construction, permitting, and titles in the Dominican Republic. We create unique projects that we, and our owners, are proud of.

Contact us anytime.  Our helpful sales staff are here to assist you.  We will take the guesswork out of buying foreign property and will ensure you get the exact villa you want.  We offer a sound investment with long lasting, outstanding  service.

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